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Our free events connect mission-driven professionals with expertise to help them deepen audience engagement. We’re equally passionate about building community and connections among nonprofit changemakers.

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Past events

Giving Tuesday Retrospective

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Recorded December 2022

Join us as we share how to use what you've learned from Giving Tuesday to build long-term relationships, and improve outreach capabilities and impact.

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Managing Digital Projects

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Recorded November 2022

Implementing a new technical tool in any organization can require lots of time, effort, and budget. Our project managers share how they get it done.

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Preparing for GA4

Man typing on mac laptop looking at graphs. Iphone and glasses are on the table next to the laptop.

Recorded September 2022

Join us to learn tactical ways to prepare your team for the sunsetting of Google Analytics 3.

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Google Ad Grants 101

Desk bathed in natural light with laptop and large monitor. Monitor has files open ready for the work day

Recorded May 2022

ParsonsTKO will discuss the nuts and bolts of the Ad Grants program and how your organization can make the most of this grant opportunity.

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How to use search data

image shows phone screen of user who has Googled the word "analytics"

Recorded April 2022

You know it's out there, now discover it's super powers. Learn what search data is, how to find it, and what to do with it.

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Technology Roadmapping 101

Person plotting out points with thumb tacs on a wall. Persons hand has an apple watch and black sweater.

Recorded January 2023

Making major changes to your technology can be disruptive to your team. We'll walk you through the right questions to ask as you get started.

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