How to build and use a taxonomy

What is the state of your taxonomy?

We have seen so many organizations in our client work that have a taxonomy but are missing terms, executing an inconsistent strategy, and are unaware of the limitations that they have in their plan. How is your taxonomy working for you?

A solid taxonomy has to be nurtured and updated over time to keep up with your goals and the changing environment. When executed well, it will enhance your content strategy, your reporting, and give you better information to make decisions for what’s next.

Follow along in this webinar led by Adam Good, PTKO senior strategist, to learn about how to build and utilize an effective taxonomy.

Event recording

Recorded December 15, 2021 | ~48 minutes

Slide deck from this webinar


Adam Good

Senior Strategist

Adam Good has been working with organizations on their engagement strategies and platforms since “social widgets” were a thing and MySpace was still the space. He blends his professional experience in communication strategy, organizational change and digital engagement with a lifelong love of board games, music production and experimental poetry and art. The throughline connecting these interests is an abiding fascination with the systems that connect and empower people to have meaningful experiences and change the world. Beyond these interests, Adam is a voracious consumer of ideas and information across sources and boundaries; he folds his findings from all fields into an ever-evolving notion of engagement.

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