Panel Discussion

Use your data to diversify your fundraising

Follow along in this recorded discussion as Stefan Byrd-Krueger, Chief Analytics Officer, PTKO, Andrea Stroud, Associate Director of Development Evaluation, Earthjustice and Anna Berman, Sr. Applied Data Scientist, Civis Analytics, as they discuss optimizing your organization’s fundraising strategies for 2023. With the 2022 giving season severely impacted by inflation and a looming recession, strategies for donor data acquisition and processing need to be reevaluated to prepare for your next big fundraising push.

Our panel shares technology resources and tips on strategies to help you set goals to optimize your donor lists, leverage your data to expand your donor base, and increase the diversification of your donor audiences and fundraising streams. They also discuss structuring and utilizing data to quickly pivot and adapt at scale, as well as what you need to get started.

*If you are interested in this topic but unable to attend the live event, please note that we will be sending a recording of the discussion directly to all registrants.

Event recording and resources

Recorded: February 15, 2022 | ~55 minutes

Slide deck: Use your data to diversify your fundraising


Stefan Byrd-KruegerStefan Byrd-Krueger

Chief Analytics Officer, PTKO

Stefan Byrd-Krueger’s journey to professional nirvana began with his passion for the arts as a sculptural welder, developed through his university training in policy analysis and years of experience in grassroots education and advocacy among think tanks, then blossomed as he took his love of elegant design and organizational excellence into the private sector as a digital marketing consultant. This blend of creative process, recognition of the human element of organizational success, and love of the technical discipline defines his working style.

Andrea Stroud

Associate Director of Development Evaluation, Earthjustice

Andrea Stroud is the Associate Director of Development Evaluation at Earthjustice, where she works with organizational leaders to frame strategic questions, evaluate the usefulness of data sets, and create a productive, data-informed environment. She is responsible for leading the evaluation area and driving the creation and implementation of a performance measurement and reporting strategy. Andrea has more than 15 years of research and data analytics experience in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors, where she has supported data-informed decision-making.

Anna Berman

Sr. Applied Data Scientist, Civis Analytics

Anna Berman is a Senior Applied Data Scientist at Civis Analytics where she works closely with organizations to design and implement technology projects, including architecting Data Warehouses and ETL pipelines, that help advance their strategic goals. Prior to Civis, Anna worked as a researcher and a consultant across the nonprofit and private sectors where she developed user-friendly data architectures and helped marketing professionals understand key business and consumer trends. Anna holds an MS in Data Science from Duke University and a BS in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester.

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