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3 steps to uplevel your team’s end-of-year fundraising strategy

As a fundraising leader, you know that the competition for individual dollars is becoming more competitive year over year. A sophisticated and well-strategized end-of-year fundraising campaign will be critical to reaching your annual goals. However, now is not the time to revamp your entire team’s approach or make major changes to your fundraising program. There is already too much work.

Instead, join Bonterra and PTKO for an engaging webinar as we delve into the small iterations that can significantly impact your team’s success. Our strategists will share small, 1% improvements you and your team can make in using EveryAction, or another CRM of choice, to ensure that you have a comprehensive approach to engage with each segment of your donor base and raise the most funds possible. This webinar is for you if you’re looking for simple yet proven improvements you can make tomorrow to inspire your team and raise more money for your mission.

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Recorded: August 9, 2023 | 58 minutes

Slide Deck: 3 steps to uplevel your team’s end-of-year fundraising strategy

Additional Resources: Google form used during webinar

Additional Resources: EOY Fundraising Guide from our partner Bonterra


Stefan Byrd-Krueger headshotStefan Byrd-Kreuger

Chief Analytics Officer, ParsonsTKO

Stefan Byrd-Krueger’s journey to professional nirvana began with his passion for the arts as a sculptural welder, developed through his university training in policy analysis and years of experience in grassroots education and advocacy among think tanks, then blossomed as he took his love of elegant design and organizational excellence into the private sector as a digital marketing consultant. This blend of creative process, recognition of the human element of organizational success, and love of the technical discipline defines his working style.   

Headshot of Janet CobbJanet Cobb

Personal Fundraising Coach, Bonterra

Janet Cobb has worked in the nonprofit arena her entire career. She is committed to creating positive change through her partnerships with nonprofits and specializes in helping grassroots organizations bring their vision to reality through strategic planning and coaching around communications and fundraising. She is affectionately known as “the small nonprofit whisperer” after coaching nearly 650 nonprofits to build their leadership and fundraising capacity.

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