Recorded Webinar

Impactful campaigns: 

The marriage of data and creativity

What if one shift to your business process could unlock the potential of your data?

What if you could use your data to better inform your fundraising and outreach campaigns? Content is most impactful when its strategy is built around a comprehensive understanding of your audience, and backed by accurate data about what does and doesn’t resonate with different audience segments. Strategy teams often end up in information silos, meaning organizations struggle to plan around this complete picture and never fully realize the potential of their engagement campaigns.

You probably have an editorial plan but you should look at campaign planning in a different way.  During this webinar, we explore how teams plan audience experiences, and how shifting that process can help you use your organization’s marketing & fundraising tools to maximize your engagement. We also dive into potential use cases and how your systems integrations can support those goals and leverage advanced capabilities like automation.

Event Recording

Recorded April 14, 2021 | ~59 minutes

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