Panel Discussion

Managing Digital Projects

Leading, planning and organizing web-enabled projects for success

Implementing a new technical tool in any organization can require lots of time, effort, and budget. How can you most effectively foster this new digital implementation while maintaining the timeline, the budget, and your team’s sanity?

Watch the recording to hear from Urban Land Institute, MoveOn.org, and PTKO project managers on how to most effectively manage technology-driven projects. During this session, we discuss the best platforms and tools to use for project management, internal communication strategies, and how to incorporate cross-departmental needs and feedback during your implementation.

Event recording & resources

Recorded: November 16, 2022 | ~60 minutes


Headshot of woman smiling with shoulder length, thick, brown, curly hair and blue eyes. Grey blazer with purple blouse and a black pattern on it.Patti DeBow,

President, PTKO

Patti is a data-minded strategy and operations executive with a passion for solving the unique challenges found in the non-profit and public sectors. In her role as President, she oversees project execution and operations, ensuring that we deliver high-quality, comprehensive, and effective solutions to our clients.

Patti came to ParsonsTKO with over a decade of experience in management consulting at Accenture, where she worked on strategic planning, customer engagement, digital transformation, program, and operational strategy, and financial forecasting. Prior to that, her 5 years of experience in data analytics at Towers Perrin and an MBA from Wharton business school gave her a background in data-driven analysis that informs her approach to managing the growth of our company.


Lizzie poses for headshot. She is wearing prescription glasses with very long, wavy, brown hair.Elizabeth Reese

Digital Project Manager, Urban Land Institute

Lizzy Reese is a digital project manager residing in Atlanta, GA. She currently works for the Urban Land Institute, where she manages various web projects and coordinates the upkeep and improvements on one of their key member tools. Previously, she oversaw the dev, design, and technical SEO initiatives for a local marketing agency, EverSpark Interactive. She is a graduate of Georgia State University.

Saskia Pilorge

Training Manager, MoveOn.org

Saskia Pilorge is currently the Training Manager at MoveOn, a digital-first rapid response political organization working to mobilize communities toward a shared vision of the future. In her role, she strategies and drives complex cross-team projects aiming to train and mobilize thousands of members. Before joining MoveOn, Saskia worked with the executive team at Verified Voting to inform the general public and funders about election technology and security. Her passion is developing and sharing self-sustainable resources, policies, and skills with community members who are marginalized, in efforts to decrease the need for NGO and governmental support.

Her foundational training in Public Administration, with a concentration in non-profit management, has allowed her to become highly skilled in grassroots fundraising, political advocacy, and organizational development. Her experience in political campaigning and issue organizing also gives Saskia a unique perspective as a project manager. She is currently based in Philadelphia, PA, and is a graduate of SUNY University at Albany, where she studied Public Law in Political Science and American History.

Young woman with long blonde hair smiling straight to camera against a white wallCourtney Matherly

Senior Project Manager, PTKO

It’s not surprising that Courtney was drawn to project management. She is the definition of detail oriented and thrives off of structure. But don’t let her systematic nature fool you. Courtney also strives to embody the wise words of Mary Poppins in her approach to managing projects: “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.”

Educated at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Courtney has a BA in Communication Studies. Prior to joining ParsonsTKO, Courtney worked as a media analyst at a creative agency, which is where she first discovered her passion for working with clients.

In this headshot, Devyn smiles and is wearing hoop earrings and a gold necklace with a green charm.Devyn Beswick

Senior Project Coordinator, PTKO

With foundational training in Social Work and Psychology, Devyn is bringing a unique perspective and skillset to our Project Management team that is person and community-centered, empathic, and solution-focused. As a graduate student at University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, Devyn developed a deep passion for enhancing organizational systems and processes to ensure quality and effective service delivery. This excitement and passion continues to drive her work forward as PTKOs Senior Project Coordinator.

Devyn continues to find ways to connect with her Psychology roots, as a writer and yoga instructor, committed to helping others interested in mind-body connection and healing. When she’s not teaching or writing, you can find Devyn taking long walks with her dog or lost in a book.

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