Preparing for Google Analytics 4

Tips, tools, and next steps


Google Analytics 3 is sunsetting in July 2023 and being replaced by Google Analytics 4 for nonprofits and corporations alike. Once they begin looking into this significant transition, many organizations are left with lots of questions- How do I prepare? Where will all my data go? Should I use GA4 or are there other options?

Listen to this conversation for tactical ways to best prepare you and your team for changes to everything from KPIs, metrics definitions, and even automated dashboarding. ParsonsTKO analyst, Rick Richards, will share valuable insights, next steps, and recommended tools, to leave you feeling more confident in navigating this sea of change in web analytics and charting a path ahead for your org.  

Event recording and resources

Recorded: September 14, 2022 | ~55 minutes

Slide deck: Preparing for GA4


Rick Richards

Digital Business Analyst, ParsonsTKO

Rick comes to ParsonsTKO with 7 years of experience crafting and implementing content strategies and digital transformations for non-profits and small businesses. As a strategist and analyst, he brings his subject-matter expertise to bear, married to a deep and never-ending curiosity for exploring each client’s unique values and gifts.

Other resources on our site:

Google Analytics Decision-Making Toolkit – a free and self-guided assessment process to help organizations prepare for the transition away from Google’s Universal Analytics, and to inform the decision about what analytics platform they’ll use next.

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Recorded discussion: Are you prepared for the Google Analytics 4 transition? – Follow along in this panel discussion to hear more about these changes from panelists Nate Parsons, Stefan Byrd-Kreuger of ParsonsTKO, and Jason Hamrick of Phase2

Technical Analytics Audit & Data Strategy Workshop– Learn more about this workshop designed to help your team get a birds-eye view of the data that already exists across your systems and platforms—and learn how to bolster technical implementation to give your outreach specialists even more visibility into how stakeholders engage with your campaigns and content across platforms.

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