Recorded Discussion

Cultural disconnect in social media listening algorithms

Are you listening to your audience?

During this panel discussion with Zahnae Aquino and Chelsie Lui of Activism Always, we examine social media listening as an emergent tool for understanding your audiences ― and the important considerations related to the adoption of the technology.

Social media listening has grown in mainstream popularity in the past decade, and its potential usages have accelerated as many organizations have moved to capture a wider digital audience through the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a primer by PTKO Analyst, Miki O’Reggio, on social listening capabilities, our speakers evaluate both the powerful uses of social media listening, but also critique and question the underlying biases and questionable ethics of the technology in its effect on diverse audiences.

Event recording

Recorded February 9, 2022 | ~52 minutes
Slide deck: Cultural disconnect in social media listening algorithms
Additional resource: BLM Always site, additional visuals and details about the project


Miki O'ReggioMikayla O’Reggio, Project Coordinator/Analyst

Mikayla is a new graduate from UC Berkeley where she received a BS in Environmental Economics and Policy. During her time at Berkeley, Mikayla developed her expertise in human rights, technology, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. She has had the opportunity to work with nonprofits such as Pencils of Promise, and Cinema Napa Valley as well as explore the world of social enterprise through her time with startups such as Popcorn, and 81cents where she worked in consulting, analytics, marketing and business development. In addition to her work at PTKO, Mikayla cultivates her passion for social justice, analytics, and consulting as the co-founder of Activism Always, a social enterprise startup.

Chelsie LuiChelsie Lui, Analyst

Chelsie is a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo, with a BA in Communication Studies. In her studies, she specialized in rhetoric studies, science and technology communications, and research methods ― and through her academic experiences, she has developed a love for interdisciplinary methods and collaboration. This culminated in a number of undergraduate research projects, such as her tenure as a Research Fellow with the Cal Poly Data Science and Analytics Initiative, media communications research with Dr. Aubrie S. Adams, and her involvement as co-founder of the student-founded startup, Activism Always.

Zahnae Aquino, Architect Program Specialist

Zahnae is from Seattle, Washington. Zahnae holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and minor in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She is excited about being able to use technology for humanitarian good and to help mission driven organizations fulfill their potential in creating change. With experience in virtual reality, program management, and her own TEDx Talk, Zahnae has found ways to work cross-functionally to bring and communicate technological innovations to the market. In her spare time, she practices stand up comedy and enjoys supporting her local creative community.

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