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Why you need a marketing CTO

Have you considered the reasons behind why fancy and sophisticated audience outreach tactics seem so far away? You have a great team, and you are creating great content, but the pace of innovation and your ability to add sophistication to your outreach is elusive and always feels like it’s a year or two away.

A Marketing CTO can help get your organization over this hump and set your digital content team on the path for success and strategy optimization. 

The recording of this webinar is below.  Follow along as we explore the many reasons you need a marketing CTO.  Our experts will provide you with creative ways to recruit your next CTO, as well as equip you to advocate for this important position in your organization.

Event Recording

Recorded March 10, 2021 | ~43 minutes

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Nate Parsons

Nate Parsons

Chief Strategy Officer

Nate’s wide-ranging professional experience has included designing large scale web platforms for national clients such as the island of Curacao, Hyatt, and developing custom booking engines for Micros E-commerce. He’s led the development of enterprise websites for national non-profits such as the Human Rights Campaign, and The Open Societies Foundation. He has designed publishing platforms for the Associated Press and Thomson Reuters and also the state of Georgia. He’s consulted for both the US Senate’s Sergeant at Arms and the House of Representative’s Chief Administrative Officer. Nate has also consulted for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, helping them develop and execute a 3-year technical roadmap and modernization effort, as well as consulting with Twitter on the development of a custom CMS platform.