Using AI Responsibly – a Conversation on AI & Ethics, Privacy, and Bias

In the third of this four-part series put on by AASP, the Association of Advancement Services Professionals, the panel will dive into a salient conversation on what it means to use AI responsibly, ethically, and understand the issues around bias and privacy. The panel will address the following questions (and provide insights on):

1. How can AI be biased and what can be done to mitigate it?

2. Where does Data Privacy fit in with AI?

3. How do we foster a culture of using AI ethically?

Learning Objectives

Understanding how to use AI responsibly and ethically, knowing how bias can occur and can be mitigated, and seeing where data privacy fits into our AI use cases.

Registration is free to AASP members and $129 for non-members.


Headshot of Robyn DoughtyRobyn DoughtySenior Director, Data and Business Solutions,

University of California, Berkeley

With over 20 years of experience in public higher education, Robyn possesses a deep understanding of the issues and challenges unique to the field. The past 19 years she has focused her career in Advancement Operations, making her well-versed in the business needs of university stakeholders and the data, systems, and processes that are critical to a successful fundraising enterprise. This knowledge translates to breaking down silos between teams, extensive campus outreach to obtain, integrate, and steward data, and implementation of process and system improvements in all areas of the organization.


Smiling photo of Meena Das, who has long dark hair and is wearing a burgundy wrap style top and black pants. She is leaning against a wall near a window and is bathed in natural light.Meena DasCEONamaste Data

Meena Das (she/her) is the CEO, consultant, and facilitator of two practices – NamasteData and Data Is For Everyone. Namaste Data focuses on advancing data equity for nonprofits and social impact agencies, while Data Is For Everyone provides tools and resources to help people learn how to navigate the world of data. Meena is a specialist in designing and teaching equitable research tools and analyzing engagement. She supports nonprofits in three critical areas: data collection assessments, community surveys, and staff workshops on topics like improving data equity and human-centric algorithms. You can learn more about her work through her two newsletters, ‘Dear Human’ and ‘Data Uncollected’, or directly connect with her on LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/meenadas.

Stefan Byrd-Krueger headshotStefan Bryrd-KruegersChief Analytics OfficerParsonsTKO

Stefan Byrd-Krueger is a data evangelist and the head of the data strategy practice at ParsonsTKO, where he applies his expertise across the company’s broad scope of services, including digital transformation, fundraising, strategic planning, and change management for the non-profit sector. His journey, starting in the arts as a sculptural welder and in federal policy analysis, has evolved to emphasize a holistic approach to organizational relationships with diverse audiences. At the heart of his work lies a commitment to integrating data-enabled decision-making in nonprofits, fostering environments where data analytics not only informs strategy but also enhances operational efficiency and staff empowerment. More recently, his advocacy for the responsible and practical use of AI is a testament to his commitment to transformative change in mission-driven organizations.