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How to Use Search Data to Improve Your Communications Strategy

Search data is the best and fastest way to understand what your audiences need—and to boost the impact and efficiency of all of your communications. It’s especially valuable now when many nonprofits are seeing an influx of new audiences to their online platforms due to the pandemic. Yet search data is currently under-utilized at most organizations. 

In this recorded webinar, Stefan Byrd-Krueger, our Chief Analytics Officer, shows you the various sources of search data you have at your disposal and what they can be used for. He then explains how you can immediately get started in extracting insights from your own data to inform your communications strategy.


In addition to the information in this webinar, we have a handful of further resources to support your journey to making more strategic use of search data:

PTKO Primer: Audience Insights from Advanced Keyword Analysis

In this short primer (PDF), we’ve summarized our most important insights on mining Google search data, and data from the search function of your own website, to inform publishing and outreach decisions. Separately, this blog post from Stefan shows you how to tap into the wealth of data that Twitter offers.

Beginner’s Guides for Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Need more information on how to set up and use the core analytics platforms we discussed during the webinar? Here are useful introductory guides on Google Analytics and GSC.

Data Strategy 101

Search data is only the tip of the iceberg! Extend your knowledge of analytics by registering for our free, 3-lesson email series. It equips you with critical concepts to accelerate your organization’s ability to use data to increase audience engagement.

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