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Post-pandemic resiliency in your organization

Most organizations couldn’t have predicted what happened in 2020. The pandemic undoubtedly forced changes in how organizations use sophisticated technology, while the expectations of funders, advocates and constituents increased exponentially almost overnight. How long (and how much) are organizations investing in a remote future? How do remote teams collaborate with both efficiency and impact as we move into a hybrid “in-person and remote” mode? 

Are your Marketing, Fundraising, Events and IT teams converging in new ways, with new tools and struggling with ways to break the bonds of legacy apps and processes? Are the systems that your organization uses aligned with the new needs created by this convergence?

The pandemic was a wake-up call that constituents expect mission-driven organizations to behave more like a for-profit, expected to have the same degree of sophistication as companies with big teams and complex systems, leveraging an interconnected, smart, multichannel, preference-driven model for engagement. There’s an expectation that web, email, text, donations, payment processing and communications are working in concert.

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Recorded November 17, 2021 | ~55 minutes

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David Edwards

CIO, Enterprise Community Partners

As chief information officer, David oversees the strategic direction and operational management of the information technology portfolio for Enterprise. He oversees the design, development and implementation of Enterprise’s business operations platforms and corporate back-office solutions, as well as the core technology infrastructure.

David is a dedicated technology executive with over 20 years in the field and experience managing multimillion-dollar funds and negotiating contracts with a wide variety of vendors. He joined Enterprise in July of 2019 as vice president of IT infrastructure, responsible for infrastructure management, as well as the IT service desk, engineering and operations teams.

He previously served as vice president of corporate systems and support with Comscore Inc., one of the largest market data companies in the world. There he led global IT infrastructure, corporate development, help desk and financial services teams. David has also served as director of infrastructure services with Superior Vision Services and senior IT director of infrastructure services at Inovalon. In these roles, David expertly drove process improvement across vendor engagements to improve support and speed resolution of customer incidents and service requests.

John Harrison

Solutions Producer, ParsonsTKO

With a background in Art Education, Educational Technology, Information Technology and Digital Marketing, John has been designing, coordinating and launching websites and digital experiences since the turn of the century, and joined ParsonsTKO in 2021.

At Enterprise Community Partners, a national, non-profit affordable housing organization, John helped design, build, launch, and maintain a modern marketing engagement architecture. This interconnected email, web, CRM and data ecosystem enabled Enterprise to identify quickly, grow and segment new audiences for affordable housing development, advocacy, social impact investment and philanthropy. John’s past client work includes AARP, Audi USA, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Wells Fargo Foundation, Windstream, Virginia Satellite Education Network and Enterprise Green Communities.

Nate ParsonsNate Parsons

Chief Strategy Officer, ParsonsTKO

Nate’s wide-ranging professional experience has included designing large scale web platforms for national clients such as the island of Curacao, Hyatt, and developing custom booking engines for Micros E-commerce. He’s led the development of enterprise websites for national non-profits such as the Human Rights Campaign, and The Open Societies Foundation. He has designed publishing platforms for the Associated Press and Thomson Reuters and also the state of Georgia. He’s consulted for both the US Senate’s Sergeant at Arms and the House of Representative’s Chief Administrative Officer. Nate has also consulted for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, helping them develop and execute a 3-year technical roadmap and modernization effort, as well as consulting with Twitter on the development of a custom CMS platform.

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