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Technology Roadmapping 101

What’s the plan for your digital transformation?

Making major changes to your technology can be disruptive to your team, but the challenges can be mitigated with the right strategy behind it. Building consensus, defined processes and roles, and setting milestones in advance can reduce friction and save you additional costs.

ParsonsTKO’s methodology will walk you through the right questions to ask and how to find the best solutions before you get started on setting your plans in motion.

Follow along in this video as our Senior Strategist, Eric Rojas, and Solutions Producer, John Harrison, lead a Technology Roadmapping 101 webinar.

Event Recording

Recorded January 26, 2022 | ~40 minutes

Slide deck from this webinar


Eric RojasEric Rojas

Senior Strategist

Eric is an email evangelist who is committed to helping others tell their stories, by focusing on the people that will be inspired by them. With a digital marketing background in higher education and advocacy, Eric empowers policy-makers, educators, fundraisers, and experts to learn from their audiences’ needs. He encourages discovery to find the sweet spot where connection and engagement intersect. An email developer and platform guru, Eric enjoys solving puzzles and finding elegant solutions across all digital channels.

John Harrison

Solutions Producer

With a background in Art Education, Educational Technology, Information Technology and Digital Marketing, John has been designing, coordinating and launching websites and digital experiences since the turn of the century, and joined ParsonsTKO in 2021.

At Enterprise Community Partners, a national, non-profit affordable housing organization, John helped design, build, launch, and maintain a modern marketing engagement architecture. This interconnected email, web, CRM and data ecosystem enabled Enterprise to identify quickly, grow and segment new audiences for affordable housing development, advocacy, social impact investment and philanthropy. John’s past client work includes AARP, Audi USA, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Wells Fargo Foundation, Windstream, Virginia Satellite Education Network and Enterprise Green Communities.

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