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Keeping Supporters Engaged When Crisis Is the New Normal

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We hope you enjoyed our webinar with EveryAction on Tuesday, May 12. We’re delighted to support your efforts to engage supporters during this crisis. To this end, we’ve identified the following resources to build upon the webinar and further strengthen your team’s outreach efforts.

Slides and Planning Tool from the May 12 Webinar

If you registered for the webinar, you should have already received an email from EveryAction with the video links. If you did not register, you can access the video recording of the webinar at this link

Here are the slides from Adam Good’s presentation, as well as a link to the Engagement Mad Libs planning tool.

Download Crisis Engagement Webinar Slide Deck

Download Engagement Mad Libs Slide

Case Study: How Urban Land Institute Used Automation to Boost Member Revenue

Marketing Automation can feel overwhelmingAutomation is a particularly valuable way to improve the impact of your communications while making efficient use of limited staff time during a crisis. In this case study, you’ll learn how the Urban Land Institute used automation to drive $300,000 in new membership revenue and boost its member retention rate by 5 percentage points over a six-week period. There’s no reason your organization can’t do something similar – even right now.  

Read ULI Case Study

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