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The intangibles of vendor selection: Finding an email system that works

Communications teams focus their energy on building excellent content but don’t always have the best tool to distribute it. Are you confident you know what to look for when auditing your email system? How do you analyze the sales language from vendors to understand whether their tool can actually meet your needs? 

If you’ve ever considered other options for your email platform, you know how overwhelming it can be. We have seen first hand how the allure of vendor promises can lead organizations to spend on tools that don’t function as expected.  In this webinar, we talk through potential challenges, provide resources and prepare you to evaluate your email system.

Event Recording

Recorded May 12, 2021 | ~45 minutes

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Eric Rojas

Eric Rojas

Senior Strategist

Eric is an email evangelist who is committed to helping others tell their stories, by focusing on the people that will be inspired by them. With a digital marketing background in higher education and advocacy, Eric empowers policy-makers, educators, fundraisers, and experts to learn from their audiences’ needs. He encourages discovery to find the sweet spot where connection and engagement intersect. An email developer and platform guru, Eric enjoys solving puzzles and finding elegant solutions across all digital channels.