You have your contact model, now what?


A well-developed contact model is crucial to scale your organization’s meaningful engagement with your audience. However, once you’ve developed your contact model, and identified key contact attributes and engagement points, what comes next?

Follow along in the video below to learn from PTKO strategists how to tactically incorporate your contact model elements as you develop content strategy, segment fundraising messages, share new reports or event invites, and prepare for meetings with top donors.

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Recorded: January 18, 2022 | ~50 minutes

Slide Deck: So you have a contact model, now what?

Additional resources: Practical application of a contact model activity


Adam Good,

Senior Strategist, PTKO

Adam Good has been working with organizations on their engagement strategies and platforms since “social widgets” were a thing and MySpace was still the space. He blends his professional experience in communication strategy, organizational change and digital engagement with a lifelong love of board games, music production and experimental poetry and art. The throughline connecting these interests is an abiding fascination with the systems that connect and empower people to have meaningful experiences and change the world. Beyond these interests, Adam is a voracious consumer of ideas and information across sources and boundaries; he folds his findings from all fields into an ever-evolving notion of engagement.

Man smiling sitting on a white couch. Wearing blue framed glasses, dark grey blazer and checkered white collared button up shirt.John Harrison

Solutions Producer, PTKO

With a background in Art Education, Educational Technology, Information Technology and Digital Marketing, John has been designing, coordinating and launching websites and digital experiences since the turn of the century, and joined ParsonsTKO in 2021. At Enterprise Community Partners, a national, non-profit affordable housing organization, John helped design, build, launch, and maintain a modern marketing engagement architecture. This interconnected email, web, CRM and data ecosystem enabled Enterprise to identify quickly, grow and segment new audiences for affordable housing development, advocacy, social impact investment and philanthropy. John’s past client work includes AARP, Audi USA, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Wells Fargo Foundation, Windstream, Virginia Satellite Education Network and Enterprise Green Communities.

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