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Preparing for a website redesign

So you want to build a new website?

It is a herculean undertaking for any organization’s outreach strategy. It costs money, it requires a lot of input across departments, and how can we be sure that we are capturing all of the audience’s needs? So how do you prepare for your website build in advance to lessen the impact of these hurdles?

ParsonsTKO has created the roadmap for many clients over the years that set the strategy, built consensus, and established the process of their web builds. We have seen the myriad of challenges that teams face as they rethink how to use their website to enhance their mission and connect with their audience. 

Follow along as our Senior Strategist, Adam Good, walks you through the fundamentals of a Website Pre-Build workshop. After viewing this webinar, your team can reach out to us to request a customized in-depth workshop that will meet the specific needs of your organization’s upcoming web build.

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Adam Good

Senior Strategist

Adam Good has been working with organizations on their engagement strategies and platforms since “social widgets” were a thing and MySpace was still the space. He blends his professional experience in communication strategy, organizational change and digital engagement with a lifelong love of board games, music production and experimental poetry and art. The throughline connecting these interests is an abiding fascination with the systems that connect and empower people to have meaningful experiences and change the world. Beyond these interests, Adam is a voracious consumer of ideas and information across sources and boundaries; he folds his findings from all fields into an ever-evolving notion of engagement.

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