Improving Your Digital Asset Management System 

Making your content findable, searchable, and usable


Digital Asset Management (DAM) provides the ability to organize internal assets, such as files, presentations, and images, so that they can be easily found and used throughout your organization. During the transition to remote work, many teams discovered they had an insufficient platform to organize files and access them from outside the office. Has your organization found a solution that works but hasn’t utilized it to its fullest extent? Or, are you still searching for your ideal DAM? 

Follow along as Adam Good illustrates the relationship between the people, process, and technology -reinforced by strong governance- that can help you select a platform that supports your operations. Adam will also walk through how a strong classification system, or taxonomy, can enable your team to find content more effectively.

Event recording and resources

Recorded: July 27, 2022 | ~50 minutes

Slide deck: Improving digital file management in the remote age

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Adam Good

Senior Strategist, ParsonsTKO

Adam Good has been working with organizations on their engagement strategies and platforms since “social widgets” were a thing and MySpace was still the space. He blends his professional experience in communication strategy, organizational change and digital engagement with a lifelong love of board games, music production and experimental poetry and art. The throughline connecting these interests is an abiding fascination with the systems that connect and empower people to have meaningful experiences and change the world. Beyond these interests, Adam is a voracious consumer of ideas and information across sources and boundaries; he folds his findings from all fields into an ever-evolving notion of engagement.

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