Turning your strategic plan into tactical reality

Finding the treasure buried in your process, technology, and team

For those tasked with reaching an organization’s strategic goals, it can feel like searching for buried treasure- take one hundred steps to the west, then 50 to the south, and dig- but if we’re not all starting in the same place and using the same metrics, we’ll never find the X.  The only way you get there together is with a detailed map.

Similarly, while many nonprofits have a high-level strategy or strategic plan, they often don’t have a plan for how their people, processes, and technology will work together to meet those goals in 3-5 years. 

Follow along in the recorded webinar to learn what a technology roadmap is and how it will help you achieve your organization’s mission. Our PTKO team of experts walks you through how to evaluate your current state and how to enable practitioners to think broader than day-to-day to bridge internal tech strategy with external goals.

Event recording & resources

Recorded: May 24, 2023 | ~50 minutes

Slide Deck: Turning your strategic plan into tactical reality


Headshot of Jamie MuellerJamie Mueller

Chief Growth Officer, ParsonsTKO

Jamie’s mission can be summed up in two words: Impact and Partnership. Her work has centered around building and scaling social impact and revenue-generating programs in the nonprofit and social tech industries. From advocating on Capitol Hill for suicide prevention and mental health parity funding to working with 1300 United Ways to create a common set of impact performance standards, Jamie focused on data, partnerships, and community impact throughout her nonprofit career. During her time at companies like Change.org, Blackbaud, and Bonterra (EveryAction), Jamie built revenue-generating partnerships and collaborated with local and national organizations to bring innovative technology to nonprofits such as Share Our Strength, Greenpeace International, AARP, and many more.

Nate ParsonsNate Parsons

Chief Strategy Officer, ParsonsTKO

Nate’s focus at ParsonsTKO is looking out and understanding what is next in the digital space. Nate has led large-scale strategic and technical efforts for groups such as UN OCHA, Turner Broadcasting, Ann Taylor, the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, Georgia.gov, Twitter, Thomson Reuters, and the Associated Press. He’s very adept at facilitating group meetings, reading tea-leaves, and helping forge strong consensus plans across diverse stakeholders. He was a programmer for 10 years before answering the siren song of experience design and uses a cross-functional lens to examine each strategy of

Man smiling sitting on a white couch. Wearing blue framed glasses, dark grey blazer and checkered white collared button up shirt.John Harrison

Solutions Producer, PTKO

With a background in Art Education, Educational Technology, Information Technology and Digital Marketing, John has been designing, coordinating and launching websites and digital experiences since the turn of the century, and joined ParsonsTKO in 2021. At Enterprise Community Partners, a national, non-profit affordable housing organization, John helped design, build, launch, and maintain a modern marketing engagement architecture. This interconnected email, web, CRM and data ecosystem enabled Enterprise to identify quickly, grow and segment new audiences for affordable housing development, advocacy, social impact investment and philanthropy. John’s past client work includes AARP, Audi USA, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Wells Fargo Foundation, Windstream, Virginia Satellite Education Network and Enterprise Green Communities.

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