Panel Discussion

Demonstrating the power of utilizing social data to increase engagement

Discussing the future of nonprofit data


You likely use analytics tools to track engagement on your website. But, how does your organization track engagement across all your outreach channels? 

Follow along in the video below for this conversation with LinkedIn influencer, Meena Das. She and ParsonTKO’s Chief Analytics Officer, Stefan Byrd Krueger, dive into how to strategically and effectively use data to grow your audience across your platforms. As the founder of NamasteData, Meena shares her unique experience and views on what she’s learned about the mission-driven sector. Our conversation also includes how to increase organizational data capability growth, leading with data, and discovering what your audience cares about.

Event recording

Recorded: June 29, 2022 | ~55 minutes
Slide deck: Demonstrating the power of data


Meena Das

 Founder, NamasteData

Meenakshi (Meena) Das (she/her/hers) is the founder, analytics consultant, and trainer with her practice, NamasteData. She specializes in designing and teaching equitable research tools and analyzing engagement. Meena appreciates spending her time outside work as a mentor to immigrants and as pro bono research advisor to small shops. Her three recent favorite projects are talking about IDEA-led data and research through her LinkedIn-based newsletter “data uncollected”, publishing her first kindle e-book “Some Data Posts” – a collection of essays on intersection of inclusive research and personal identity, and building a virtual school for advancing equity through data, “Data Is For Everyone”. Connect with Meena on LinkedIn.

Stefan Byrd-Kreuger

Chief Analytics Officer, ParsonsTKO

Stefan leads the data strategy team, designing PTKO’s approach to all analytics engagements, and weaves together the multidisciplinary work of the team. He is a data evangelist, specialized in analytics and the uniquely complex needs of the non-profit sector. His career has centered around the use of technology in communications portfolios, including experience in programming, design, and digital strategy.

Stefan brings deep in-house understanding of the business intelligence and data needs for organizations like yours from his long tenure at the Pew Charitable Trusts. He has played the role of client as well as the role of consultant, and works to close the gap between the two.

Nate ParsonsNate Parsons

Chief Strategy Officer, ParsonsTKO

Nate’s focus at ParsonsTKO is looking out and understanding what is next in the digital space. Nate has led large-scale strategic and technical efforts for groups such as UN OCHA, Turner Broadcasting, Ann Taylor, the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, Georgia.gov, Twitter, Thomson Reuters, and the Associated Press. He’s very adept at facilitating group meetings, reading tea-leaves, and helping forge strong consensus plans across diverse stakeholders. He was a programmer for 10 years before answering the siren song of experience design and uses a cross-functional lens to examine each strategy of process.

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