In this episode of Let’s discuss…with ParsonsTKO, we dive into data. An intimidating subject for some, but a topic you should absolutely be discussing!

Is your data helping you answer questions that will improve your outreach and increase donations?  For many mission driven organizations, the answer is no.  

Why is that?

  • Perhaps it’s because you don’t know what tools you need or aren’t aware of all that your current tools can do for you. Who in your organization has time to do all the research to learn that stuff?
  • And speaking of “ain’t nobody got time for that”, does your organization have a Chief  Analytics Officer, or are there data heroes scattered across departments? Do you need to have a designated person to effectively execute a data strategy?
  • Are you even aware of what types of data you are collecting?  In many organizations, data ends up siloed in various departments rather than being looked at holistically.

Follow along with Lisa, Stefan and Tony for suggestions on tools to track your data, how to get more out of what you already collect and to learn how you can build a positive culture in your organization around data strategy.

You can go to the YouTube video page to jump around this informed but informal conversation using the extensive timestamps in the video description. If you found this video helped you think differently about data, be sure to throw us a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and let us know what you think in the comments.

I’ll also put some highlights below the embed in this post.

Highlights from “Let’s Discuss…Data strategy”


  • [02:02] -“Answers get all the credit, but questions do all the work.”
  • [11:08] – “The importance of democratization of data” 
  • [25:29] -Changing the mindset “Transformation vs. Change”


  • “Answers get all the credit but questions do all the work.” [02:40]
  • “In order to have a content strategy that is informed by data, you have to inform your data about your content strategy.” [10:09]

Resources and links from “Let’s Discuss …  Data strategy”