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Google Analytics Decision-Making Toolkit

Your current analytics tool has ended. Have you chosen the right replacement?

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We offer a free and self-guided assessment process to inform organizations about what analytics platform they’ll use next.


Since Google Analytics 3 was retired on July 1, 2023, it has been very disruptive to the analytics practices of some mission-driven organizations. The presumptive replacement, Google Analytics 4, is a profoundly different tool with a more enterprise model in mind. Like switching from WordPress to Drupal, or from MailChimp to Salesforce, moving to GA4 required planning and investment to use successfully, and it probably isn’t for everyone, leaving comms leaders and analytics owners with a difficult choice.

Learn more about the challenge of migrating to Google Analytics 4 with our webinar.

A study we conducted pre-pandemic found 95% of orgs used Google Analytics. At ParsonsTKO we specialize not just in the technical aspects of analytics, but the strategic and business process implications of what data tools organizations choose. Given the urgency of this transition and the size of the sector, we have packaged our consulting approach into a free and self-service process to inform and guide the thousands of organizations that are facing this choice. 

Access the GA decision-making toolkit

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What’s in the toolkit

The toolkit offers a guided experience to help gather everything you need to know about your current analytics setup and other considerations that should go into making a choice about the future of your website’s analytics.  The toolkit is designed to be self-paced, so if any part of the process you can’t complete today (or if you need to consult with colleagues) we’ll email you a link so you can continue the process any time. If you are in a leadership role at your organization, simply share this page with your team or schedule time with us to discuss how your team should engage with this decision.

Along with written and video supplemental materials, the toolkit is centered around 3 interactive steps:

Step 1: Website data strategy inventory (Available via the form on the right)
Step 2: Broader data strategy self-assessment exercise (Sent via email upon completion of inventory)
Step 3: Analytics tool decision-making worksheet (Access upon completion of inventory)

Are you an executive concerned about your organization’s access to data? You can learn more and share the factors you should be considering with your team in our recent blog post “Is Google Analytics 4 right for your organization?

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