Selecting technology for a nonprofit or social good organization can take significant time and effort. Depending on the size, reach, and impact anticipated from a technology change, engaging the board of directors is often critical to your success.

While the C-level and managers will probably lead your organization’s tech selection, you can think of the board as the ultimate executive sponsor. They can help drive a culture of adoption, which allows leadership to focus on change management activities to ensure you succeed with significant tech shifts.

By asking the right questions, clearly advocating for your organization’s needs, and building a clear roadmap, you can make sure your board understands your situation and supports your ultimate goal of helping your teams work more efficiently and effectively through technology.

Recently Bonterra invited me to write a post on the importance of engaging your nonprofit’s board of directors before, during and after your tech selection process.

That post includes:

  • Five questions you can ask your board to help build momentum and appetite for a tech shift
  • Tips on how you can be prepared to summarize your needs
  • Specific ways organizations can get the board on board
  • How a roadmap is the pathway to the optimal future state

Read the post on bonterra’s website

We’re here to help you through the process

If you’re embarking on a technology upgrade, it’s important to show your board how a better architected, connected, and integrated system, where your CRM, email, social, and content tools can all work in concert, will help the organization build stronger relationships with supporters.

By highlighting the ROI, addressing tool fatigue, emphasizing increased data accessibility and transparency, and demonstrating the benefits of an improved supporter engagement architecture, organizations can ensure the board is fully on board and committed to the success of their tech initiatives.

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