Outreach Technology Roadmapping Workshop

Improve business performance with a practical plan for optimizing and integrating your outreach systems

Your nonprofit’s work is too important—and your time too precious—to risk an inefficient, haphazard approach to connecting supporters to your mission. Yet points of friction between systems, processes and departments keep many organizations from the integrated, highly personalized communications they need to meet their goals (and stay ahead of the competition).

To fuel sustainable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of outreach, you need a clear path to digital transformation. That’s why we’re passionate about helping mission-driven groups benefit from integrated systems and “best-fit” solutions that deepen audience engagement.

In as little as two weeks, let us work with you to:

  • Forge consensus on a practical, achievable roadmap for modernizing and integrating your outreach investments and processes across departments
  • Map out realistic technical approaches to accomplish your vision—with incremental milestones to signal progress along the way
  • Prioritize projects & investments that will make the biggest impact

Making expert use of limited time & resources

Our methodology starts with a self-guided assessment, completed quickly by your team to identify existing systems and assess their strengths and weaknesses. This lays the foundation for a powerful half-day workshop and collaborative design session

Want to know more?

Learn more about our Outreach Technology Roadmapping Workshop, and how it will benefit your organization.

At the end of our engagement, you’ll benefit from:

  • An annotated, user-friendly technical diagram of your organization’s current suite of outreach systems—designed to give your leadership team immediate visibility your technology across departments
  • Practical, actionable recommendations for software, services, or solutions that are good fits for each element of your architecture
  • A prioritized set of next steps to unlock immediate value (with as little disruption as possible to what’s already working well)

Create practical and sustainable change with an Engagement Platform Roadmap

We’re keenly aware that roadmapping can be seen as American business jargon, rather than something practical and useful. How is ParsonsTKO’s roadmap different from other kinds of planning documents your organization uses?

“ParsonsTKO worked with Folger to build a digital project roadmap that encompassed all of our digital initiatives, whether they were ongoing and funded, or just a gleam in someone’s eye. The roadmap helped people understand how we can assess, prioritize and greenlight projects by applying strategic criteria and evaluating their potential impact.”

Eric Johnson | Folger Shakespeare Library
Director of Digital Access