Website Redesign Planning: A Digital Engagement Workshop

“Redesigning a website is a herculean task and can be very overwhelming, but with ParsonsTKO’s help the process was less daunting because we were able to narrow our focus and figure out exactly who our key audiences were. The workshops in particular were extremely helpful because they really prepared us for the redesign process so we could approach our web agency with a clear sense of our goals.

After participating in the workshops we knew exactly how we wanted the website to look and how the content should be organized to be most effective. Adam [from PTKO] was so helpful in breaking that down with us, and the designs we’re getting back now really reflect what we discussed. I am certain that with ParsonsTKO’s help we will have created a website that looks great, is easy to navigate, accurately conveys our mission and vision and helps us build a strong online presence.”

Tonya Harris
Director of Communications
Council of the Great City Schools

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Learn more about our Digital Engagement Workshop, and how PTKO positions you for a winning redesign project.


Collaboration that’s flexible, timely, cost-efficient

In as little as one week, we’ll work with you to develop a high-level redesign plan that matches your capabilities, expertise and budget. From there, you’ll be set to partner with any vendor you choose on implementation.

Why this will save you money and time

A website redesign is a big-ticket investment. It’s also a precious opportunity to unlock resources and capabilities that revolutionize how you engage supporters. Yet too many redesign projects fail to meet the high expectations of their executive champions.

The most frequent culprit? Rushing to implementation without resolving internal disagreements about the specific problems that the redesign will solve. While many groups rely on an implementation vendor to do this, by the time they’re onboarded it’s hard to pivot from the direction specified in an RFP—particularly when tight project deadlines loom. PTKO’s digital engagement workshop helps you avoid this challenge.

The workshop

Our digital engagement workshop sets you up for success by building consensus and answering tough business questions before you’re on the clock with a vendor. After partnering with us, you’ll have everything you need to dramatically improve the likelihood of a winning redesign:

  • A structured set of needs, requirements, and internal considerations—helpful for easily communicating with your executive team, and for developing a clear RFP
  • Early awareness and buy-in for your project—earned through self-guided assessments and discussions with key internal decision-makers
  • A high-level plan for developing your next website, including recommended technologies and key data integrations needed between systems
How the Brookings Institution developed a roadmap for digital advancement

Pre-build website planning saves time, effort, and stress.  Learn more how we helped Brookings achieve strategic alignment in advance of their latest website redesign, leaving them with a strong foundation for success.


“Working with PTKO [on our site redesign] was refreshing. During the discovery phase, they interviewed many stakeholders, and lifted up some age-old rocks to get the root of why things were done the way they were. They took all of that information, and came up with clear, well-defined solutions for presenting our content in a modern and more digestible way.” 

Jimi Skelly | American Chemistry Council
Senior Director, Marketing & Digital Communications