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We strive as a company to ensure all of our thinking is free and available to the non-profit community. We currently do this through monthly events, blog posts, articles, and podcasts. We would love to hear from you about what is most useful to you- answer our 10-question survey to share your thoughts & preferences. 


What type of events are most useful to you/what kind of events do you like?
How likely are you to show up to a live-streamed event?
What time works best for you?
What day of the week do you prefer our virtual events to take place?
How likely are you to register for an event you can't attend if you know you'll be receiving a post-event email with the recording?


How often do you use LinkedIn?
Would you be interested in subscribing to a PTKO LinkedIn Newsletter with resources and case studies for the mission-driven sector?
Do you currently subscribe to any LinkedIn Newsletters?

In Person Gatherings

Are you interested in meeting in person?
If we did meet in person, would you like to


Would you find a PTKO-led LinkedIn community useful for networking or information sharing?
Would you like to see more reports/industry studies from PTKO? If so, which categories interest you?

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