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Analytics and Data Strategy are more than measuring your audience engagement performance. They’re about fundamentally and intentionally changing the way your organization works.  We will help you move from reporting on numbers to gaining real insights into where your business needs to move, and where you need to invest. You have an endless amount of data and data sources at your organization already, the real question is: Do you have the proper framework in place to generate insights backed by data people trust and believe in?

We empower organizations by creating an analytics framework and strategies that pull from a variety of data sets and sources to expose the story behind the data. We build real-time, customized dashboards that visualize your data and monitor your performance goals. If there are barriers to effective data use, we will train your employees on how to use this information to guide tactical and strategic decision-making. We can begin with targeted efforts or a complete analytics overhaul; in either case, we want to transform your organization by creating a culture of analytics.

Let’s build upon the foundation together. Here is where we can begin:

Let’s build upon the foundation together, here’s where we can begin:

Analytics Health Check

Are the marketing and communications data you collect accurately capturing your audiences’ behavior? For many organizations, the answer is ‘I am not sure,’ and that is why we created our Analytics Health Check. It is better to know what you’re missing and gain confidence in what you have than to build on a foundation that doesn’t provide real insights into audience behaviors. To be successful, your analytics should offer certainty about what is successful in your content and outreach and should serve as a guide in planning and decision-making.

We can evaluate the accuracy, utility, and value provided by your current analytics tools, and return solutions, insights, and recommendations to improve your capabilities. We’ll surface the value of what is hidden in your data, show you where the gaps and missed opportunities are, and walk you through ways to put your data to work. Our Analytics Health Checks are designed to be quick and affordable so that every organization can benefit from a better understanding of the data they have available.

How we review your digital ecosystem
  • Analytics Technical Audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Google AdWords Audit
  • Website (Analytics) Performance Snapshot
  • Social Media Landscape Analysis
  • Email & MAT System Diagnostic
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Audience Definition & Targeting

“if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time ”… Zig Ziglar

It is hard to narrow your audiences. You want to make sure you are not missing any opportunities or leaving things to chance, but this leads to broad definitions that are nearly impossible to target. The general public, “everyone”–these are not audiences, they have no email address, we all can easily agree to that, right? By narrowing and refining your audience targets you will improve your messaging, sharpening and honing it into something that your target audience will respond to. Accurate targeting allows for better measurement of effectiveness, meaningful experimentation with messaging, and more appropriate calls to action for that target audience.

Our process focuses on defining your target audiences using meaningful content consumption and audience goals rather than the less actionable demographic “user personas.” We marry clear audience definitions with your organizational goals, using these to help identify the key areas of audience engagement to promote and the key indicators to assess the impact of those engagements.

We’ll help you design:
  • Actionable and useful audience definitions that can inform strategies and tactics
  • Engagement funnels for each target audience that clearly identify stages of affinity or engagement
  • Methods to identify key influencers in your target audience’s community
  • Key indicators of engagement and disengagement for each target audience that can be used to evaluate the quality of particular messages or campaigns
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Analytics Architecture

All digital outreach tools are infused with data, yet much of it is lost, isolated, or otherwise disused unless you take steps to harness your data and put it to work. Developing an architecture to understand and assign how information is collected and flows between your systems will augment your professional intuition with data-driven insights and increase your organizational impact.

Analytics Architecture helps you find answers in your data, but more importantly, it helps you start asking the right questions of your data. During these engagements, we will propose the right tools, and also provide details about how they need to be set up and configured so you can be confident that they reflect the reality of how your audiences engage with your content. We’ll then turn your data into targeted insights with reporting tools and procedures that enable staff to make better decisions and accomplish your strategic goals.

It lets you know:
  • The data you have vs. the data you need
  • How audiences engage with your content
  • What reporting you need to inform current business processes
  • Which metrics matter, and who should respond to each one
  • How data can advance progress towards your goals for years to come
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Data Engineering & Automation

If you have much experience in marketing and communications, you have seen the same unique visits, page views and impression reports time and time again, and rightfully begun to wonder what the value of these metrics is and whether there is something more you could be getting from your data. Many analytics platforms are useless until you tailor them to your needs, and teach them what engagement and impact mean to you and your audiences.

With Data Engineering, we can re-architect the collection of systems, existing and new, involved in the collection, storage, and reporting of analytics data throughout your entire organization. What you’ll be left with are dashboards, automated reports, templates, and other tools that minimize the work and maximize the value of analytics at your organization. The right insights in the right hands at the right time means that you and your team will delight in dealing with your data, making it a regular part of day-to-day decision-making.

Essential data engineering elements
  • Perfecting Google’s suite of data and analytics tools
  • Dashboarding and data visualization tools
  • Data synchronization through API configuration and development
  • Reporting platforms custom-built to your needs
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Data Strategy & Stewardship

Our Data Strategy Consultation is focused on creating and sustaining a culture of analytics within your organization while ensuring your data is both easily accessible and understood.

An open consultation can touch upon any one of the many analytics services we provide and is often most effective after Analytics Health Check and Analytics Architecture services. As the name implies, this type of support seamlessly blends with our other strategic offerings, such as Audience Engagement & Acquisition and Strategy and Governance.

It's time to:
  • Create a culture of analytics
  • Take action on your data to improve your organization
  • Identify new opportunities to engage your audiences
  • Ask meaningful questions to get actionable answers
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