Attention Seekers

We’re living in a time dubbed the “attention economy”. But what happens once you get someone’s attention? How do you get them to take action? And once they do, how can you create engagement and build affinity? These are the questions everyone is looking to solve. And most are missing the opportunity to move beyond their competition because they’re remaining satisfied — or are stuck — on a plateau of just good enough.

Often, companies think they just need a new website. Or they need better data collection. Or their email marketing could be better targeted. And they’re right. But there’s much more to it.

Come Together

Addressing each product area separately creates silos. Each bucket presents a different approach for ways to fix or improve or upgrade. But how do they connect? It’s more than just creating a technology stack. This is about aligning the brand positioning, organizational strategy, goals, and business processes that make your technology successful.

This is Engagement Architecture.*

Engagement Architecture is about seeing your systems and channels as a complete portfolio of your business, rather than individual units that require budget-draining expenditures on maintenance and support. It’s a blueprint for ensuring the platforms, people, and processes across your organization are all aligned to drive audience engagement. And it’s the interconnection of the tools and technology, the products and channels, the staff, and the audience, as well as, what moves that audience through the stages of engagement.

Your Engagement Architecture is more than your website; it’s marketing, outreach strategies, and systems that lead people to and from your site. Linking all of these together can drive further incremental improvements to your engagement metrics. A 2% (notional) improvement may seem small, but over time these improvements can have a significant cumulative impact. After all, the full value of your site can only be realized when it’s built in concert with your existing and planned marketing efforts.

One Message, One Experience, One Result

When you create an Engagement Architecture, you build a strategy for how to introduce your company to new audiences, while developing and deepening engagement with your existing ones. This ensures that you’re intentionally and actively nurturing passive consumers into active contributors.

We believe in making sure that your entire engagement platform (CRM, CMS, analytics, email marketing, online donations, event registration, etc.) shares an experience design, information architecture, and common audience engagement model. This results in a consistent and engaging experience for your audience regardless of how they interact with your company and which channels they’re consuming.

ParsonsTKO has developed a powerful and practical approach for leading you through the creation of an Engagement Architecture. It starts with understanding what you want to communicate to which audiences, and it ends with the tools, systems, processes, and staff who help deliver and consistently maintain that communication. This ensures that your target audiences and their needs remain central to every engagement strategy.

Product vs. Projects

We want you to evolve your engagement strategy over time, always improving and optimizing how you engage with each audience. By defining an approach to portfolio management, we help you map your strategic objectives to investments in your various products, rather than what happens typically, which is budgeting expenses around individual projects. This methodology provides clarity on where processes may be missing that could facilitate better organizational effectiveness between departments and makes clear where there are gaps in staffing that might be essential to ensure a new investment is worthwhile. As a result, you avoid costly, piecemeal expenses and you can be confident the investments you do make advance your mission while maintaining your organization’s bottom line.

Better Than Yesterday

No organization can take the time to stop and reboot. Our Engagement Architecture approach allows us to meet clients where they are, at any stage—from ensuring your performance metrics are being captured accurately, to designing a new approach to product management. We work with you to design an Engagement Architecture that builds on cumulative gains year-over-year and piece-by-piece.

Let us help you move you off the plateau, cumulatively taking every 2% gain to constantly be better tomorrow than you are today.

*Trademark Pending