Tony sits down with Nolan Marketti to discuss creative processes

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Smiling black and white photo of Nolan Marketti, who is wearing a Detroit Lions baseball cap, black glasses, and a zip up hoodie

Nolan Marketti, Creative Lead, Radius Agent

Nolan is a designer specializing in product & branding, helping businesses and companies discover who they are and building them with purpose.

I started my career at the digital agency Futureman and worked there for 7 years designing for clients including Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, The United Nations Foundation, Nike, and Venice Family Clinic.

Nolan is currently the Creative Lead at the Real Estate startup, Radius, leading and taking creative to the next level.

Our discussion

The creative process can get tricky when dealing with budgets, differing styles and personalities. In the nonprofit space, many organizations struggle with how to foster that in remote work environments and shifting priorities. Nolan Marketti sits down with PTKO CEO, Tony Kopetchny, to discuss.

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