Tony and Mitch discuss non-profit procurement, RFPs, building trust and finding safe places to ask hard questions.

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Mitch Stein smiling to camera, with shaven head and full beard. trees in the background. He is wearing a pullover sweater.

Mitch Stein, Pond, ​​Co-Founder & CEO

As Pond’s Co-Founder & CEO, I am absolutely obsessed with bringing high impact innovation to the nonprofit sector.

I found my passion for nonprofits participating in The Northeast AIDS Ride with my dad, in honor of my late uncle Marlin. That passion evolved into Pond, where nonprofits thrive.

I’m a LinkedIn super user and love sharing the lessons I’m learning in real time from incredible nonprofit leaders on Pond or my personal experience getting a start up off the ground.

After graduating from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, I spent 7 years as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs before taking the start up leap – jumping into Pond in early 2020.

It’s now clear to me that the business world actually has way more to learn from nonprofits than the other way around.

Our discussion

In this episode, Tony gets together with Pond Co-Founder and CEO, Mitch Stein to talk about the difference and dichotomy of for profit and nonprofit organizations, mission and brand alignment, the importance of trust and community.
Across the nonprofit sector an estimated $370 billion is spent annually on software, technology tools and services, and almost all of this procurement is done in isolation. Through Pond, Mitch is working to create a safe place for nonprofit leaders and practitioners to ask questions and build a learning community–and in the process decrease the pressure and often half measure results from the traditional RFP process.

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