This time on “Let’s discuss…with ParsonsTKO”, we talk Taxonomy.  If that’s something you haven’t thought about in a while, you’re not alone.  Many organizations think of taxonomy as a “set it and forget it” proposition but nothing could be further from the truth.  

An ever evolving taxonomy helps you:

  • Stay focused on your organization’s goals and adjust with them as they change over time
  • Create and curate content that your audiences are hungry for
  • More effectively measure your outreach
  • More effectively use your communications platforms
  • Utilize Ai and Machine Learning to provide your users with customization
  • And integrate across systems so that you send a unified message

Follow along as, Nate, Stefan and Tony share their knowledge on taxonomy’s history, where it’s going, and why it matters today across all the systems in your organization. 

You can go to the YouTube video page to jump around this informed but informal conversation using the extensive timestamps in the video description. If you found this video helped you think differently about taxonomy, be sure to throw us a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and let us know what you think in the comments.

I’ll also put some highlights below the embed in this post.

Highlights from “Let’s Discuss…Taxonomy”


  • [02:42] -The heritage of taxonomy
  • [06:40] – The taxonomy revolution
  • [09:45] – Taxonomy for digital transformation
  • [15:10] – Evolving your taxonomy
  • [21:10] – Taxonomy across systems, even analytics
  • [25:55] – Every site redesign talks about taxonomy
  • [30:50] – Taxonomy for content cadence and creation
  • [32:20] – Transformation requires integration
  • [39:20] – How do AI and Machine Learning fit in?
  • [42:40] – Getting the taxonomy ball rolling
  • [46:20] – The road to the future state


  • “Part of what taxonomy is really critical for is that it is one of the key structural beams in your platform.  And, if you don’t have that, your operating system is going to perform inefficiently and probably inexactly.” [24:38]
  • “…when I was working more in global development, everybody wanted to fund the vaccine. Nobody wanted to build the road.  ‘Cause to build roads… you dig ditches and who wants to do that? But you need roads to get the vaccines to the people who need the vaccines. Taxonomy feels that way to me a lot.” Taxonomy is the hard work, that makes the world changing work possible. [39:20]

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