Tony and Meena talk about equitable data practices for social impact

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Smiling photo of Meena Das, who has long dark hair and is wearing a burgundy wrap style top and black pants. She is leaning against a wall near a window and is bathed in natural light.

Meena Das, Founder, NamasteData

Meenakshi (Meena) Das (she/her/hers) is the founder, analytics consultant, and trainer with her practice, NamasteData. She specializes in designing and teaching equitable research tools and analyzing engagement. Meena appreciates spending her time outside work as a mentor to immigrants and as pro bono research advisor to small shops. Her three recent favorite projects are talking about IDEA-led data and research through her LinkedIn-based newsletter “data uncollected”, publishing her first kindle e-book “Some Data Posts” – a collection of essays on intersection of inclusive research and personal identity, and building a virtual school for advancing equity through data, “Data Is For Everyone”. Connect with Meena on LinkedIn.

Our Discussion

The social media space can be filled with prejudice, bias, and discrimination making it difficult for nonprofits to use it to reach audiences. Meena Das, founder of NamasteData shares how to take an equity-first approach to social media and in the gathering and analysis of data.  Tune in to hear Meena share how nonprofits can better utilize their data and leverage LinkedIn as an authentic communication tool to connect with audiences over social media.

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