Tony sits down with Kate McKenney to discuss data literacy and digital transformation

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Smiling photo of Kate McKenney, a white female with short brown hair and brown eyes. Kate is wearing a grey t-shirt with red collared jacket over it.

Kate McKenney, Director of Insights and Data Strategy, NRDC

Kate leads NRDC’s data strategy, analytics, and research practice. Kate has a deep history of using data to innovate and learn from users to build better advocacy campaigns. She develops new opportunities for audience engagement via messaging guidance and campaign strategy. In addition, she leads the research and analysis of our programs and develops goals and metrics that drive NRDC’s work. And Kate also loves digging into data architecture and building data systems that will easily let organizations listen to the feedback they receive from their supporters.

Before working in the strategy space, Kate led digital and CRM development at many nonprofit organizations and loves developing the ecosystem for better audience engagement. Kate also has a master’s in Conservation Biology focusing on how to communicate to communities about environmental issues. Kate’s passion is working on climate change, but she has been known to take breaks to make cheese and ski with her kids.

Our discussion

How communications teams incorporate data strategy varies across organizations and departments. In the context of digital transformation, the data informs so much of the changes that we make and the work that we do. Listen to the unique approach and experience of an expert in the field of data and insights!

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