Tony and Arabella talk about the power of storytelling

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Arabella DeLucco is the founder and CEO of WeXL. Growing up in New Jersey as a brown immigrant girl from the Philippines, she ambitiously longed for a sense of belonging. Arabella remembers the time in her childhood, sitting all alone at recess. There, she vowed to learn English as best she could. She went on to graduate from Rutgers University with a double major in political science and English.

Arabella’s career path meandered from print journalist to event producer to tech marketer. She has also lived all over the country. It was well into adulthood when she realized that she is and will always be a storyteller. Arabella loves the process of gathering, synthesizing, and sharing stories. A few years ago, she found the artist within her after taking filmmaking and oil painting classes at City College of San Francisco. It was a pivotal moment in her life where Arabella discovered how making art makes her a better businesswoman and a better person. She currently lives in San Francisco with her awesome buddy of a husband, Michael.

Our discussion

The Founder and CEO of WeXL discusses the impact of her work in using creativity to impact equity and to give a voice to others. Tony Kopetchny sits down with Arabella DeLucco to discuss the importance of diversity in storytelling, and why creating space for those who are marginalized is crucial and how to measure the impact of the content that her organization creates. She shares her own personal story and the impact that storytelling has had on her own journey.

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