Exploring the ParsonTKO website, you will find the term Engagement Architecture used frequently. It’s what we’re all about. To us it’s the philosophy we use to guide the work we do with the amazing mission driven organizations we work with.  But what do we mean by it?

Join Nate, Patti, Stefan and Tony as they discuss how this approach is different from others and explain:

  • What Engagement Architecture means, 
  • Why it matters ,
  • And how & where to put it to work for you.

You can go to the YouTube video page to jump around this informed but informal conversation using the extensive timestamps in the video description below. If you found this video gave you new insights into how to manage change at your organization using the framework of engagement architecture, be sure to throw us a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and let us know what you think in the comments.

I’ll also put some highlights below the embed in this post.



Highlights from “Let’s Discuss…Engagement Architecture”


  • [00:57] -Defining engagement architecture
  • [13:15] -Data as the connective tissue
  • [16:17] – Using engagement architecture to help integrate your data
  • [22:10] – Time: the invisible building block of engagement architecture
  • [24:16] – How this methodology helps with change management 
  • [32:46] – Engagement Architecture as the rosetta stone between departments
  • [35:25] – Another tool in your arsenal to help manage change fatigue
  • [40:38] -This model is your pathway to super powers
  • [42:20] -Engagement Architecture as your organization’s personal trainer


Must Reads

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