When most of us think of forces for change, we think of sudden dramatic events. But more often change happens so slowly we don’t notice. We become comfortable with the status quo and don’t even realize the opportunity to use these changes to create something new, to transform, is passing us by. 

In this edition of Let’s Discuss, Andrew Courtney, of Campaign for Nature at National Geographic, joins Tony to talk about how big ideas can lead to transformation. Tune in as they talk about how the concepts of wayfinding, adaptation, integrators, and biomimicry can be applied to drive your organization’s success. We hope that their brainstorming session will encourage you to find new ways to take charge of change.

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I’ll also put some highlights below the embed in this post, as well as information for Andrew and Campaign for Nature



Highlights from “Let’s Discuss…Big Ideas”


  • [02:40] -Project management is about taming the chaos, getting others on board, and collaborating on messy things
  • [05:49] -The role of the integrator- It’s not about blame, it’s about getting things done
  • [08:10] – Wayfinding as a project management approach
  • [14:07] – How do you invest in impact?
  • [20:00] – The dangers of stagnation and the status quo
  • [26:05] – Adapting in the big moments
  • [28:00] – Biomimicry: Innovation, inspired by nature.
  • [41:00] – When the old way can’t work, embrace new ways to reach new people
  • [48:45] -Human centered design
  • [51:52] -Welcoming challenges
  • [56:20] – Looking to nature for integration inspiration 


Must Reads

This episode cites several books worth checking out.


More about our guest

Andrew Courtney is the Director of Campaign for Nature at National Geographic

The Campaign for Nature is a global effort to raise awareness of the threats facing our natural world and to inspire world leaders to take action to protect it. Their goal is to convince policy makers to commit to a global deal for nature — to be signed at the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Kunming, China, in 2020 — that protects at least 30% of the planet by 2030.