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Documenting your data resources will help you move forward with confidence

The first step to determining the future of your analytics capability is to ensure continuity of your data operations by creating an inventory of what you have, what you use, and your capacity to continue operating what comes next. This self-service website data strategy inventory will ask you about technical and business aspects of your data. Once submitted, your entries will be shared with you via email and will serve as evaluation criteria for your decision, as requirements for the implementation process of your next analytics system, and as a data strategy reference guide for your organization over the long term.

This inventory is designed to help you catalog everything you have setup, configured, and put in practice that is based on your website analytics system. Having this documented is a crucial step to understanding and managing the impacts of an analytics system migration.

By providing your email address above, we will be able to send you a summary of what you enter into this form. This rudimentary inventory should be a touchstone and requirements documentation that you will use through the rest of this process and any subsequent project you undertake to replace your Google Analytics, whether you do so internally or with outside assistance.

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Not sure how to answer these questions? Have a big team involved in your data operations, and looking for change management support? Our analytics audits provide facilitated in-depth assessment, expanding on the principles of this self-assessment. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

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