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Consulting Roles

Role Description

Our team includes consultants at all career levels who lead and execute digital transformation work on a variety of project types with the marketing, communications, fundraising and IT departments of our mission-driven clients. Our work spans planning and strategy, data and analytics, and the change management and enablement of marketing and fundraising engagement platforms, such as: websites, email and marketing automation platforms, data and analytics tools, CRMs, donor management platforms, digital asset management tools, and more.

Do you have a unique vision for engaging audiences? Do you enjoy diving into problems to discover the root of holistic people, process and technology challenges? Do you value honest, empathetic conversations? Do you like working with mission-driven organizations to increase their impact?

If that sounds like you, please read on!

Consultant Career Levels

We hire Consultants at four different career levels. While the core job functions are similar, the career levels in the table below reflect the varied level of expertise you might bring on day one, the level of responsibility expected, and the opportunities for advancement.

Title Experience level  Role expectations
Analyst Any career level, Individual Contributor Focus is on conducting analyses to answer questions
Consultant Mid-Career to Senior Level …plus, defining the questions that need answers, identifying gaps in client processes, and proposing solutions to drive business value
Engagement Manager Senior Level, Team & Project Leader …plus, developing a vision for a project/solution, demonstrating executive presence and influence, and overall team, client, and stakeholder management
Managing Director Executive Level, Account  & Practice Leader …plus, leading multiple teams, managing ongoing executive relationships with clients and prospects, and driving innovation in our approaches

Below we outline a range of responsibilities for these roles, but recognize that no one consultant on our team will bring all of this expertise. We have a team made up of individuals with deep expertise in different verticals.  The most important thing is a breadth of knowledge that makes you comfortable working with peers, clients and experts across the nonprofit marketing and fundraising space. 

Job Responsibilities

Research & Discovery

  • Design and conduct research, both qualitative and quantitative, to develop a deep understanding and become the expert on clients’ goals, strategies, engagement platform tools, processes, and data
  • Understand the role and business value of clients’ engagement platforms, and the relationships between them
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews, and facilitate workshops and working sessions, to inform analysis of client challenges and potential solutions
  • Conduct landscape analyses of tools and platforms, or other market research to inform your analysis
  • Communicate your findings with the rest of the project team, and clients, through creation of memos, presentations, reports and visualizations using tools such as: Google Docs, Sheets and Slides; collaboration tools (e.g. Miro); and visualization or design tools (e.g. InVision, Figma, Canva)
  • Organize and maintain PTKO institutional knowledge about clients within and across projects, including creating documentation and identifying linkages across projects

Data Analysis

  • Develop hypotheses about clients’ business practices, and design and conduct analyses to extract business intelligence and validate hypotheses, including: evaluating available data, understanding how data sets relate to each other, identifying relationships and inconsistencies, and drawing conclusions from data
  • Manage and manipulate data sets, including: extract, clean, transform, blend, and create reports or data visualizations from data using tools including MS Excel/Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.
  • Design, execute, and synthesize surveys to gather client or user feedback
  • Assess client business processes and workflows to create business process visualizations that inform recommendations to increase efficiency and impact of outreach and engagement

Solutions Design

  • Develop a project approach and solution that aligns with the client’s goals and contracted scope
  • Learn and evaluate your clients’ technology and related processes, collaborating with your team to assess the strengths and weaknesses, and propose recommended changes
  • Be a super user of engagement platforms, helping clients troubleshoot, edit, or perform basic configurations, or collaborating with technical teams for deeper configurations and integrations.
  • Describe the tradeoffs, pros, and cons of your recommendations and proposed technology or solutions to clients.
  • Serve as a technical translator between our implementation partners and technical vendors, and our clients goals & objectives.
  • Develop digital marketing & outreach tactics, including online marketing, audience engagement, content strategy, email list management, campaign planning, and tracking conversions.

Client & Project Leadership 

  • Oversee both technical and non-technical components of consulting projects, including: goal setting and strategy, roadmap development, user experience/visual design, and technical implementation.
  • Demonstrate strong attention to detail and organizational skills, exemplified by self-prioritizing tasks and deadlines across projects, and clearly communicating what those are with a geographically distributed team.
  • Develop best practices and templates for common projects and tasks
  • Collaborate with project managers to deliver projects within scope, budget and timeline targets.
  • Manage and mentor a team of geographically distributed staff and vendors, including providing feedback, team oversight, and training/skills development
  • Build executive relationships with clients and potential clients, demonstrating empathetic communication, and identifying opportunities to pursue further work

Thought Leadership 

  • Keep up with innovations and shifts in the industry, and in your particular areas of expertise, communicating them to peers and clients
  • Contribute ideas and content for marketing purposes, including blog posts, webinars, LinkedIn posts, and conference presentations
  • Mutually build your brand and our own by representing PTKO externally at conferences, partner events, and in local networking opportunities.

Experience We’re Seeking


  • For more senior roles, experience leading projects at a consulting firm or digital agency, or leading a team in-house at a large nonprofit organization
  • Education and/or experience relevant to the role and responsibilities
  • Fluent in English
  • Legal to work in the USA (unfortunately, we can not support visa sponsorships)

Extra Credit

Experiences like these will add additional weight to your application:

  • Previous digital agency, marketing firm, or consulting experience
  • Experience working inside of medium or large-sized (100+ staff) nonprofits or mission-driven organizations.
  • Experience creating and running online campaigns to build affinity or complete specific conversions
  • Experience creating and delivering digital projects within organizations (e.g. leading an organizational website redesign)

All that said – if your experience looks a little different from what we’ve identified and you think your experience translates to the role, we’d love to learn more about you!


Our team operates remotely, but is primarily based around a few hubs to facilitate occasional in-person team and client interactions (when safely possible!). We will consider candidates anywhere in the continental US, but have a preference for people within driving distance of our hubs, including:

  • Washington, DC
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY
  • North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham, Greensboro/Winston-Salem)

During COVID, we continue to operate fully remote, and encourage our teams to travel or move around if you would like. You can be in any time zone but must work continental US business hours. Staff must also have a US-based home address.

Salary & Benefits

The salary range for these positions is $60,000 – 160,000, and varies based on which role we think you best fit based on your experience, how quickly we believe you’ll deliver value, and how much training and onboarding we’ll need to provide. We will provide narrower, updated bands when we are hiring for specific consulting roles. We benchmark salaries annually using nationwide averages, and stick closely to our benchmarks to ensure equity for our team.

Our goal is to provide benefits that support our employees and their families in work and life. We’re constantly evaluating and adding to our benefits to make them more inclusive, equitable, and aligned to what our employees really want. A summary of benefits available to full-time PTKO staff can be found on our website. You can also read more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at PTKO.

Who We Are

At ParsonsTKO (PTKO), we work with mission-driven organizations to help them drive better engagement with audiences – their donors, members, supporters, grantees, employees, or anyone they communicate with regularly. We like to think our approach is a little different, blending the best of consulting firms and digital agencies. We call what we do Engagement Architecture, combining strategy to organize outreach and messaging, the technology deployed to deliver them, and the tactics used to integrate audience touch points and interactions. We help our clients organize and manage not just their website and other communications software, but also the related outreach strategies that connect people to their mission. You can view a sampling of our clients and case studies of our work on our website.