Who we are

ParsonsTKO’s Core Values

How we work with you and each other

What drives us?

Building a company is about more than acquiring new business and moving money around. For us, it is about building something unique and different with an ability to empower staff within mission-driven organizations, to help strengthen the sector and by doing so increasing the likelihood of real-world change.

Our company values are north stars and guiding principles for how we contribute to the development, maintenance, and evolution of our organizational culture. Our company values guide decisions on who we will work with,  both future clients and future staff.

Our values:

Create  consistent value for our clients

We build trust and gratitude from clients by consistently and thoroughly addressing their unique needs. We deliver valuable, practical, and useful work.

Pursue honest, brave, and clear communication

We always provide our best insight, even when it’s difficult. We do this with compassion, clarity, and an understanding of how the other person communicates and needs to be communicated with.

Engage in assertive empathy

We proactively and intentionally put ourselves in our client’s shoes. Empathy is our lens for communication, strategic advice, and formulating approaches that are useful, understandable, and valuable.

Don’t let each other fail

We all conscientiously and intentionally strive to make each other successful and jointly take ownership of delivering our best work.  We support each other in learning, innovation, and the occasional failed experiment.

Everyone is important

We treat everyone—staff, clients, partners—with respect and compassion. We assume the best, and bring empathy and openness to others’ experiences.

Enjoy working together

We bring good energy and a positive attitude to our interactions. We are professional and approachable.

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