Tony and Sultana navigate the Ethics of Communication in the Nonprofit Industry

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Sultana Ali, Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies

An accredited public relations professional with a public speaking and PR background spanning over 20 years, Sultana F. Ali works as a senior communications manager telling fact-based stories and supporting researchers and experts with strategic communications support at a leading nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Having worked at PR agencies as well as the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Sultana leverages her experience in the classroom, teaching Public Relations Ethics to graduate students at Georgetown University’s Public Relations and Corporate Communications program in the School of Continuing Studies. She works to apply what the ancient Greeks taught about philosophy, ethics, and the art of rhetoric to modern case studies in our evolving world, helping to prepare the next generation of communicators to have a rich foundation in integrity and care guiding their approach.

Our discussion

In this episode, Tony and Sultana Ali delve into the art of rhetoric and communications, exploring the power of words and the impact they have on our organizations and as individuals. Join them as they navigate through a range of fascinating topics, including the importance of self-awareness in responses, the transformation from anger to curiosity, and the value of reputation beyond mere branding. Throughout the episode, Sultana provides insight into the critical currency of trust and its role in establishing and upholding reputations. She introduces a formula that underscores reputation: the combination of performance + behavior + communication * authenticity= your reputation. Tony and Sultana explore how a nonprofit’s performance metrics, actions, spoken words, and perceived authenticity collectively shape how others perceive and speak about them. Listen in for an engaging conversation that will challenge your perspectives and inspire you and your organization to communicate more effectively, ethically, and authentically.

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