Tony sits down with PTKO’s own Chief Analytics Officer, Stefan Byrd-Krueger, to talk data

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Stefan Byrd-Krueger wearing glasses, a white collared button up shirt, and a striped tie. Background is of a tree and its leaves

Stefan Byrd-Krueger, Chief Analytics Officer, ParsonsTKO

Stefan Byrd-Krueger’s journey to professional nirvana began with his passion for the arts as a sculptural welder, developed through his university training in policy analysis and years of experience in grassroots education and advocacy among think tanks, then blossomed as he took his love of elegant design and organizational excellence into the private sector as a digital marketing consultant. This blend of creative process, recognition of the human element of organizational success, and love of the technical discipline defines his working style.

Stefan is a data evangelist, specialized in analytics and the uniquely complex needs of the non-profit sector. His career has centered around the use of technology in communications portfolios, including experience in programming, design, and digital strategy. He has played the role of client as well as the role of consultant, and works to close the gap between the two.

Our discussion

What is data and how does it impact your organization? Tony sits down with ParsonsTKO’s Chief Analytics Officer about how ubiquitous the term is and where the opportunities are to rethink our relationship with data in order to accomplish our mission moving forward. Stefan talks to us about the story that lives within the data that we collect, how to find the metrics that matter, and how we can use that data to make better decisions and tell more compelling stories to our audiences.

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