Tony and Nardos talk about The power of story, gathering data, and the Black Census

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Nardos Alemayehu standing in front of a stone wall smiling with shoulder length black curly hair

Nardos Alemayehu, Communications Team Manager at The Black Futures Lab

Nardos has a BA in Communications and spent the last eight years in marketing and communications professionally. After several years in the corporate private-sector, she decided to find a way to apply her skills to her passion of making the world a better place. She spent two years freelancing with various international development firms, charitable organizations, and others while volunteering her services to small businesses in developing countries.

During that time, Nardos was also able to work on some documentaries and lived on four continents. After this two year search, Nardos found her home in Washington, DC, where she has blended her marketing experience and passions for service as Black Futures Lab’s Communications Team Manager.

After the work day is done, you will see Nardos reading as many books as she can, teaching yoga, volunteering in her community, and finding every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

Our Discussion

In this episode Tony Koptechny talks with Nardos Alemayehu, Communications Team Manager at The Black Future Labs, to discuss the origins and effects of racial silos within the marketing world. Based on her involvement in Black activism and experience in public relations, Nardos shares strategies to fix this breakdown by creating a unique counter-narrative. Tune in to this episode to learn how to establish a feedback-driven relationship to attract new diverse audiences while avoiding tokenism.

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