Tony and Joel talk about The Delta Project, anti-recidivism, and data ethics

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Picture of Joel Van Kuiken, a white male wearing black rimmed glasses and a black t-shirt

Joel Van Kuiken, APR
Co-founder of The Delta Project

Joel left his corporate job in brand communications and public relations in January of 2020 to become an entrepreneur and teacher. He is the Co-founder of The Delta Project, a non-profit start-up that is working to create mentorship and opportunity for young men navigating the juvenile justice system, and Principal at See Context, a communications strategy and consulting firm. Joel has been using design thinking concepts and systems theory over the last 10 to 15 years to become a better thinker and communicator, more in tune with the unintended consequences that occur with the actions we take.

Our Discussion

In this episode, Tony talks with Joel Van Kuiken about the creation and impact of the organization, “The Delta Project”, data ethics, and what it’s like to start a local non-profit and maintain it through the pandemic.

“HOW DO I BECOME SOMETHING I DON’T SEE?” From this simple question, The Delta Project was born. The Delta Project exists to break the generational cycle of incarceration by reconnecting youth of color and their families to community relationships through mentorship, coaching, and storytelling.

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