Tony and Jenna discuss data values and the leadership gap in creating change

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Jenna Slotin, Senior Director of Policy, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Jenna Slotin is the Senior Director of Policy for the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. She leads policy engagement and oversees the data values advocacy agenda. She has over 15 years of experience in the development sector specializing in political analysis and influencing, program design and implementation, and research and thought leadership. She has also led several programs that aimed to influence government decision-making on sustainable development, data and technology, and peacebuilding.

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Tony and Jenna walk through the 5-point manifesto of The Data Values campaign that calls for change in how we design, collect, fund, manage, and use data. The 5 primary points are: 1) Support people to shape how they are represented in data. 2) Invest in public participation for accountability 3) Democratize data skills for greater equality 4) Create cultures of transparency, data sharing, and use 5) Fund open and responsive data systems so that all people share in the benefits of data. Listen along as Jenna Slotin gives her insights on data governance to create a fairer data future.

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