Tony and Jason talk about the evolution of Communications teams, roles and titles

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About our guest

Jason Wilson is a respected leader, convener and solutions-oriented collaborator in the nonprofit sector, creating positive change for more than 20 years. A recognized expert in all facets of digital marketing, campaign and brand building as well as innovative team builder and leader with a high emotional intelligence.

Jason has a deep understanding of all facets of the digital experience including: project management, web development, digital acquisition, advertising, SEO/SEM, CRM, brand-building, analytics, testing, storytelling, and creating and fostering social communities.

In his role as the Vice President of Marketing and Development at the Partnership for a Healthier America, he is leading the movement for food equity in the United States. Food equity is a key component to health equity, and that means that all families deserve to have long-lasting and affordable access to fruits, vegetables and other good food.

A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and an avid fan of technology, Jason has roots in coding and communications, helping him bridge the gap between the user and the digital experience of a brand.

Our discussion

What do communications and outreach mean in the digital age? Jason talks to PTKO’s CEO about how his role has changed, his organization has grown and evolved, and what the future of communications teams looks like in the nonprofit sector.

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