Tony and Conor share how to nurture your organization’s mission and values within your team

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Headshot of Conor Hartman smiling with beard. Wearing a camel colored utility jacket and blue button up collard shirt underneath.

Conor Hartman, Chief Operating Officer, Circ

Prior to Circ, Conor managed relationships with partners and potential clients as the Head of Enterprise at Tyton Bio. He coordinated Tyton Bio’s R&D efforts to focus on the most critical business needs of Tyton Bio partners.

Prior to Tyton Bio, Conor spent a decade working on policy and business challenges in Africa and traveled extensively on the continent. He previously managed his own consulting firm representing private sector and philanthropic clients working in emerging markets, worked for the foundations of two former US presidents, and served as a special advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Liberia with responsibility for the peacebuilding and governance reform strategies. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from Duke University and his MBA from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Our discussion

Many organizations are founded based on a “North Star”- a guiding principle of the mission and values that pilot operations. As organizations grow and change, it can be difficult to maintain this sense of purpose, while still encouraging innovation. Conor Hartman of Circ shares his journey from the public to private sector and what he’s learned about developing a culture based on mission.

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