Tony and Amy talk operational challenges for nonprofits

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Amy Fass wearing pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings smiling at camera. Short brown hair with highlights. She is wearing a grey sweater.

Amy Fass, CEO, Shoes That Fit

“When someone hears that I work for “Shoes That Fit,” I often see a question in their eyes –why shoes? It takes a beat for people to realize that there are many children lacking something as basic as decent shoes that fit.

Shoes are expensive. Kids outgrow them quickly. And not fitting in with your classmates causes shame and embarrassment.

Kids explain the power of a pair of new shoes best – like Victor: “I really needed shoes because my two shoes ripped. I had to use my Grandma’s shoes and everybody was making fun of me.”

I truly believe that most of us want to make the world a better place, but too often we do not even know where to start. For those of you who want to help change the world, the first step can be as simple as a pair of new shoes.”

Our discussion

In this episode Amy discusses the challenges and rewards of a nonprofit that is focused on one aspect of child poverty. She talks to Tony about the operational complexities of a national nonprofit that has many chapters working towards a common goal, as well as her forthcoming book, The Business of Non-Profit(ing).

As the CEO of Shoes that Fit, she understands the importance of the financial bottom line but works hard to balance the triple bottom line of running an non-profit while keeping the vision of improving the lives and self-confidence of the children her organization serves as her focus. All this while also making time to keep the joy and have fun with her colleagues.

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