Tony chats with A.J. Minogue about the shift of analytics roles in nonprofits

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A.J. Minogue, Director of Data Analysis and Reporting, UJA-Federation of New York

A.J. has enjoyed 19 years of nonprofit experience in fundraising and technology. In his current role, he leads a team of data analysts and database administrators who support and impact all fundraising business units at UJA. Previous positions include Director, Data Analysis & Development Systems at Amnesty International USA; Director of Analytics at National Audubon Society; and Director of Analytics at ASPCA. He has also contributed to a benchmarking study on corporate philanthropy, written grant proposals, organized fundraising events, researched prospects, licked envelopes, and generally did whatever it takes to raise a buck for the nonprofit sector. A.J. earned his BA in Philosophy from Connecticut College and his MBA in Operations from Baruch College, CUNY.   A.J. also serves as a board member of the DMFA where he participates in the following committees: Mid-Level Benchmarking, Directory/Database, and Diversity Inclusion and Systemic Change.

Our discussion

Encouraging a “culture of analytics” in your organization creates opportunity for your staff to take a data-first approach- but how do you do it? A.J. Minogue, Director of Analysis and Reporting for the UJA-Federation of New York, shares with Tony his thoughts on the emergence of Analytics roles in nonprofits and how expectations for these roles have changed over time.

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