Data Innovation Studio’s Content Impact Study

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Find out if your content is performing as it should and how to pivot strategically!

Organizations are sitting on a wealth of data that they are unsure how to fully leverage. Beginning in July 2021, PTKO’s Data Strategy experts are seeking 20 organizations to build out a data-based model of the lifecycle of content and pinpoint the role of data in understanding and guiding its outcomes. 

There are countless decisions such as topics, tone, channel selection, promotion plans in addition to staff time that go into making the content your organization serves to build and retain audiences. How that content is impacting your mission objectives remains an elusive and subjective art form. To strengthen the tools you have to guide decisions, it becomes critical to  understand the role data plays in each of these decisions will help teams not just demonstrate, but more intentionally shape the impact of their content.

We know that you are not able to stop operations and start over, this report and our work together in the membership is designed to meet you where you are and give you the information and ideas to move into a desired future state. We are seeking members who are decision-makers looking to build relationships within their communities while measuring the impact of their content. Join us for the rest of 2021 and be a part of our first cohort of progressive organizations that are looking to change the world!

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