How do we focus when surrounded by change?

We all feel it.  Thanks in part to technology, the world is changing fast, particularly the business world.

Every conversation about work seems to include the word “Transformation”, or terms borrowed from the tech field.  All this talk of being a “disruptor” or “being agile” can be anxiety inducing.

For this episode of our video series “Let’s Discuss”, we welcome our first guest speaker Carolyn Solares, founder of MurphyMerton.  Carolyn works with organizations of all sizes as they encounter change allowing her to bring a variety of experiences to this discussion.  She and Tony address not just the nuances of the word “transformation” but how to navigate it successfully. With an overall message of “You’re not alone.”, hear how other leaders, at various levels in their organizations, are facing short & long term challenges, learning to function, and even thrive in an ever changing workplace.

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I’ll also put some highlights below the embed in this post, as well as contact information for Carolyn so that you can learn about the transformative work she does with organizations in flux.

Highlights from “Let’s Discuss…Transformation”


  • [03:30] -Defining transformation
  • [06:19] -Taking ownership of change
  • [10:30] – What is disruption?
  • [14:17] – Discovering the art of the possible and the need for an integrating force
  • [20:04] – Converting long term vision to actionable outputs
  • [26:06] – Pushing through change fatigue
  • [31:50] – Opposing forces: carrying out a 3 year plan vs. annual budget & performance evaluation cycles.
  • [40:18] -Embracing change and using friction
  • [45:30] -Relearning the art of debate
  • [50:24] -Getting the work done: the who, the when and the how

Must Reads

This episode cites several books worth checking out.

More about our guest

We love how Carolyn describes herself on the MurphyMerton website:

I coach people to move beyond silos and create new things. By combining strategy, project structure and coaching, leaders and teams unleash creativity, amplify strengths and build awesome things – together. Plus, silos are boring.”

To reach out to Carolyn Solares and learn more about how she helps organizations, and individuals, handle transformation check out the sources below.



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